SPHYNXCAT is a small Sphynx cattery located in Haute-Savoie (France), a few miles from Geneva (Switzerland).

Our aim is to improve the breed, emphasising on health, beauty and the socialisation of our Sphynx.

All of our Sphynxes live in perfect freedom and keep us company since 12 years.

They are all  HCM tested (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) every year, by
Dr  C. Amberger, veterinary cardiologist in Geneva.
HCM, FIV and FELV yearly tested cattery

Updated April 16, 2018

Made by C Moioli

My cattery is closed.

I want to warmly thanks all of the families who adopted my babies and adults for all the love they could bring them and continue to provide.

Thanks to all of those lovers of the Sphynx, I had the opportunity to live moments of happiness and joy!

I am sending thousands of tender hugs to my loves naked babies ...

Cattery Closed