Don’t think that the Sphynx breed is caused by human genetic manipulation.

It is the pure result of nature’s magic !

In 1966, Canada (Ontario), a small naked kitten appeared in a litter of cats. This kitten, Prune, was crossed later on with it’s mother, sisters and daughters to fix the recessive naked gene (which is expressed only when both parents are carriers). Firstly, this breed was called «Moonstone Cats» and «Canadian Hairless» and finally «Sphynx».


It is often said that the Sphynx is a mixture of a cat, a dog and a monkey.

It is true that it is very surprising with all his wrinkles, large bat ears and lemon-shaped eyes !! But the biggest distinctive feature is his almost naked skin. Indeed, he often has a light down on the nose, ears and sometimes on the tail.

But the sensation of «peach skin» remains an unforgettable sensual moment...



The Sphynx is basically a kind cat. He’s very close to his master....thus we could say he is like «glue» ! He’s always ready to play the clown, just to draw the attention of his human family, to whom he dedicates a love and admiration without any limits.


Although hairless, Sphynx cats still need to be washed regularly. Because of their nakedness, Sphynx cats sweat. They should therefore to be washed with baby wipes, and from time to time, have a bath with a hypoallergenic shampoo. Their ears get dirty quickly, so it is recommended to clean them with a solution for cat ears. Finally, their claws need to be blunt and often cleaned. If the Sphynx is used to such care from an early age (which is the case for my babies), it will be a shared moment of relaxation.             

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